Founded in 2008, GRACE KARIN has dedicated to offering high-quality women's fashion apparel with the principle of "Simple and Stylish".

GRACE KARIN has become a professional brand that includes design,manufacturing,sales and service.GRACE KARIN is a brand highly recognized by customer and market.

GRACE KARIN are fashion without compromise. We are always transparent. We are dedicated to sustainability. GRACE KARIN are designed to last. We are ethical, now and always. We are Grace Karin.

GRACE KARIN believe in creating contemporary collections you can always rely on; effortless, versatile pieces that are built from planet-friendly foundations and democratic decisions. Discover what makes us different.

We are striving to provide each customer a fit tailoring and a stylish collocation that emphasizes details, which helps to bring a comfortable and refined lifestyle.

We hope that every woman wearing GRACE KARIN will have a young mindset that can transcend ages. Our style focuses on modern, elegant and simple clothes which are not only suitable for daily but also for party and work.