Terms & Conditions

1. Refer a Friend:
Refer your friends to shop with us. Once the referred person placed their first order at our store, the refer is regarded as success.

2. Discount Redemption:
When a referr succeed, the referrer will receive a $10 discount.

3. Cash Reward Option:
As a referrer, if you prefer cash or store credit instead of the discount, follow these steps:

  • Contact Form:
    Reach out to us in the contact form below
  • Provide Information:
    Include your email address and specify your preference for cash rewards. If opting for cash, provide your PayPal account details(acct link or email address).

4. Processing Time:
We commits to handling your request within 3 business days.

5. Cash Limitation:

  • Keep in mind the yearly cash back limit of $100. Users can redeem cash rewards up to this limit annually.
  • Please note: if opting cash, please request after the referred order is delivered. If the order was refund or canceled, your request will be refused.

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