How to score free men's clothing for your sweet on Valentine's Day? Check out the guide to take one home with ease.

  • Why: GRACE KARIN always feels honored to be loved by our customers and that's the reason we initiate the activity to offer more hand-picked freebies to appreciate your support during Valentine's Day. It's crazy but real. 

    • When: This event starts from January 15th to February 14th. Valid for almost one month.

      • Who: Anyone whose order on our site amounts to $160 can be picked as the lucky dog to receive the free gift. 

        • How: Join us to select goodies for your man if you've met all the requirements stated above.

        Note: What kind of freebies are on the activity list? Scroll down to find the full-length poster. In fact, free samples are included but not limited to whatever is shown in the poster. From men's fashion to kid's fashion, we got you all covered!


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          January 11, 2023 — KarinGrace

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